Tuesday, December 28, 2004

An Obitchuary

An Obitchuary:
For Susan Sontag

Was an intellectual

Like the sun is a moon
And the stars are the sky
And all the truth will ever be
Is another type of lie

Susan is an intellectual
Like eating dirt makes it a meal
You don't have to have ideas
Just tell us how you feel

Susan was a wonder with a compass
It always pointed left for her
How brave she was to hate her homeland
How courageous of her to create a stir

By calling the 911 terrorists
Men of deep beliefs and brave
So when she sees them down there in Hell
I hope she at least

Gives them a hearty wave

4:36 pm
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4:43 pm

Monday, December 27, 2004

Oops.... I stepped in some Kwanzaa

I think I stepped in

You call yourself the defender
You mean like the one and only
That certainly must get
Kinda lonely

To be having to
Constanly fitting your face
Into some
Made up version of grace

To be as snug as a bug
In a rug
For some felony melody
Slingin slug

Go on and act all
Petulantly patient and cool
Oh wonderous fan of -I'm better than-
But drool is drool is drool

Poor conquered baby
Of course you need healing
And will for all time
Because it's addictively appealing

But maybe you can cover it over
With more intellectual posturing and praise
Oh wannabe priest of a
Made up shallow holiday

2:10 pm
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7:25 pm

Yeah.. Never mind

Yeah never mind the millions of women
In Afghanistan

That are now free to go to school
That now no longer have to fear
The psycotic depotic Taliban rule

Never mind they are no longer torutured
Or stoned to death in the streets
And now can carry forth their dreams
Into the hearts and soul of people they meet

Never mind that minor world happening
And focus on one particularly small phrase
And act like that's the insult that's going
To completely ruin your day

Is it that
Some how playing golf in Georgia outweighs
Not being taken to one of Saddams rape rooms
And the bravery of military men might take away
All of Modern Feminism's sickening love affair

With doom and gloom

Because God knows
Women have to learn to hate men to be free
And if they don't get into bashing and trashing
Well then they'll never achieve that ever elusive


12:36 am
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4:53 pm

Monday, December 20, 2004

The Culture Wars

The Culture Wars

They’re coming for the meaning of marriage
They don’t give a damn about the law
Just what I need to see on Valentine’s Day
You tell me what you saw

Who the Hell is in charge of immigration
Every day thousands come across
When are we going to fight back
When we’re absolutely sure we’ve lost


Affirmative action is infirmative action
How dare anybody start to stand up
For anything but sanctioned special privileges
Like that isn’t stupid harmful and corrupt

The ACLU has gone completely crazy
It wants Boy Scout Leaders to be gay
It uses it’s legaleeze to put on the squeeze
Because NAMBLA’s got something to say

And we all better cancel Christmas
If we know what’s good for our souls
And I guess everything would be easier
If we’d just give in and do what were told

By all the activist self righteous judges
Making their pronouncements from on high
Aren’t they their own little clique of mystique
Telling us which snake oil is the best to buy

Tell me

The school system no longer teaches
Critical logical thinking anymore
Almost every single subject is approached
As but another revisionistic way to keep score

And don’t get me started on Popular Culture
And all that has come to mean
With it’s sexualizing of youth and truth
And drug addiction making every scene

It’s the Petri glass of the vulture culture
Come to wear us down and out
Come to argue endless petty points
And fill good peoples heads with nagging doubt

11:14 pm
Gavin Newsome is a lawless anarchist
transcribed this time
10:07 pm

Sunday, December 19, 2004

I think there are elements in this country

I think there are elements
In this country

That don’t know how to be thankful
For the sacrifices of such brave men
They don’t know how when so humbled
To still be their lovers brothers and friends

Hard lines and compassion are two traits
That are difficult to see together
It’s just easier for some to be supportive
When it’s politically fairer weather

Oh they mouth their platitudes and attitudes
More to assuage the guilt they learned
Instead of the passion integrity and honor
It takes in a warriors heart to burn

To get the mission accomplished
To come up with an intelligent tactical plan
And to carry it through by the well trained
Efforts of each and every individual man

The worst thing you can do is quit and withdraw
When the fighting’s been hard to do what it takes
And it especially has the distain of shame
When it’s said it’s being done……for their sake

No more gutless false leaders
And pity committees that are to the core corrupt
If you ask these kind of men to do something
You damn well this time

Better back them up

7:42 am
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6:44 pm

CNN and other reporters

The Bad News View

Cnn and other reporters
Like them are complicit

In undermining our leadersip
Lowering troops moral
Devaluing missions accomplished
And all by acting like our pals

Because they really really care
Because this is a Democracy
And they are so brave to dare
To question Authority

Nobody says you don't evaluate
Or never ever criticize
But if that's all you do
Doesn't that turn it into lies

If you never question the question
If out and out distortions
Are presented without a challenge
Doesn't BS get the larger portion

Of the camera's eye and time
Soldiers are also our citizens
How about some positive
At least every now and then


The Major Three are also guilty
As far as I'm conerned
As if....if they were on our side
Their neutrality might get burned

Abc Nbc Cbs
Jennings Brokow and Rather
Doesn't it as some point it turn
Into some pretty deep blather

PBS and NPR have always been
Publically funded shows
But as lopsided as they are
I don't know how anyone knows

They swear that they aren't bias
That they have no leftist leanings
Hell they're not even honest about that
They're so busy primping and preening

A lot like those Hollyweired half-wits
Just not so crazy about it
Like if you can pronounce objectivity
How could we ever doubt it


Quagmire Quagmire Quagmire
No plan No plan No plan
Yawl take out a bunch of hornets
Let's see what you understand

Is every step choreographed
When you aim up that spray
When you carefully aim and shoot
Don't you sort of scoot and pray

You exfiltrate the area
But you come back around
That's what our men are doing
When they go back into towns

They're checking things out
They're making it better
They're making it safer
They're reading their letters

But oh how dare we question you
No dissent amongst the dissenters
Once you've committed to the Dean
Of Academia Nuts they're can be no repenters

They don't have another view
They just flat out hate the president
All they've got is oceans of emotions
And they don't want to hear an argument

That's logical anyway
They're patriotism is off the table
They will let you know that with their
Last breath as long as they are able

Even as they continue to manipulate
And hammer home more despair
Committ their sins of ommission
But they just do it because they care

Because we need our friends back
Good buddys like Germany and France
We don't need to stand tall
We need to learn to sway and prance

But I'll never forget or forgive
The terrorists that want to kill us
And they'll do it anyway they can
With planes trucks or a bus


Cnn and other reporters
Like them are complicit

In sabotaging our spirit to win
To fight back as we must

These people are mental seditionists
And not worthy of our trust

11:14 am
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11:23 am

Crock O' Dial Tears

A crock o dial tears
and other wrong numbers


All the fake people

And give their fake concern
As if there's only some tragic lesson
For the rest of us to learn

Who do not have their gifts
Their light into strategic insight
That it is always only loss
When America enters a fight

America is always making a mistake
America is always wrong
And we're just the mean ol bully
Flexin muscle to prove we're strong


Or then there's always someplace else
That's just as bad or worse
Like if we never ever made a move
We wouldn't end up in a hearse

All the fake people

And shed their politically motivated tears
And mix them in with their reservations
Second guessing and narcissistic fears

They love to be against
While saying they support the troops
Like that doesn't ring out hollow and
Come out smelling like day ol dog poop

What a bunch of sanctimonious twits
How low can you go
Feeding off the blood of brave men
Like that somehow proves they know

But they only listen to what they want
What backs up what they already believe
It seems they have a mask for everything
They've even got this one to show they grieve

It always comes back to them
Because that's what they're all about
The nattering naybobs of negativity
Sowing their seeds of doubt


They love to be against
While saying they support the troops
Like that doesn't ring out hollow and
Come out smelling like day ol dog poop

8:14 pm
transcribed this time
11:20 am

Thursday, December 16, 2004

King of the girlie-boys

King of the girlie-boys
Takes a dive

And who'll take the bet
He won't go down boasting
Proud of the pompous pap that was
The show that he was hoasting


But you can believe he's somewhere
Right now layin it on thick
He's like the carrier of a disease
That somehow doesn't make him sick

But it does me
I can't stand his smug face
I see his actions as contemptable
I think he stinks up the whole place


Oh but how he loves to wildly gesture
And constantly interrupt
Like it's the logic in the brain that is
The substance that corrupts

And isn't what he's good at
Is the talking down to.... to demean
Anybody who doesn't subscribe to
His socialistic communistic dreams

Lord how he can layer over everything
With the bright white guilt of shame
Because the only way to come clean
Is to constantly take the blame

What an arrogant two faced loser
Ever ready to be dismissive and rude
How can anyone manage to be
In that much of an over emotional mood

Ambush is his interview style
He likes to re-word what is said
And then put on a well rehearsed smile
While nodding that great big head

Good bye to you Mr Perfect Hair
And your weepy creepy game
Oh yeah everybody has a built in excuse
No matter who they've ever caused pain

You name he'll claim it
A promoter of endless illigal immigration
How could anyone dare think
This land to be their sacred sovereign nation

Because surely America is the cause
Of most everything wrong in the world
And maybe if we'd all just apologize
Everytime the flag unfurls

Then we wouldn't have this struggle
With the forces of darkness and light
And freedom wouldn't have to be something
For which we would ever have to fight

King of the girlie-boys is taking a dive
And I can't say I'm sad to see him go
Matter of fact I'm kind of celebrating

And just wanted somebody to know

4:22 pm
transcribed this time
9:38 am
Ok ding times up, it's Phil (the pill) Donahue
Or in keeping up with more up to date ratings


Moore Moore

Moore Moore
The living walking talking

Canker sore

In your heart of hearts mikey
You know you've got nothing to say
About any American Fighting Man's
Qualities that hold any sway

You don't know anything about tactics
You don't know anything about guns
All you do is open your big blow hole
Like that's somehow supposed to get it done

You don't have a single functional idea
You don't have even the beginning of a clue
The only person you're concerned with
Is Big Fat Ugly Hate America Disgusting you

You couldn't walk as far as they run
You couldn't even carry your own pack
You are such a pig such a stinking pig
To comment on men who have each others back

5:53 pm
transcribed this time
9:34 am

Fat Ugly Stupid Lying Michael Moore

Fat Ugly
Stupid Lying Michael Moore

Wants to do his cut-a-ways and edits
To distort and manipulate the facts
And has absolutely no qualms
About stabbing Charleston Heston in the back

He wants to hide behind callling it humor
When he's caught willfully decieving
When he deliberately misleads you
Into what he wants you to be believing

He's the one using tragedy and sorrow
For his own personal gain
He has absolutely no regard
If he increases anybody else's pain

Anything and everything at all cost
It's his obsession above all else
He's a slob without limits
Whose primary concern is himself

He's undisciplined and sickening
Dilluded and dangerous to vunerable minds
And nobody's sayin he can't say what he wants
But there should be consequences for his kind

It was and is not a documentary
Just the hateful concoction of a fool
And the question before the board is
Do you even bother

Following your own rules

Reveal yourself for what you are
Support some basic common sense
Salvage some last shred of your honor
Or muddy yourself up real good

By locking into your recalcitrance

Either way's ok with me
I just want everybody to get a chance
To see who's who
Who's the fake common guy in sloppy pants


But as far as I'm concerned
A documentary is not a fictious rant

You know kinda like
Just because you pay a whore
To say I love you
Doesn't mean you're in a romance

10:33 am
Written originally in support of the
movement to have his movie
stripped of it's award, the Oscar ,
as being Best Documentary
when it is plainly NOT a documentary
transcribed this time
9:23 am

Steven Earle's Pro-Jihad Jingle

Steve Earle's Pro Jihad Jingle

Album: Jerusalem
Song: Johnny Walker's Blues

If it's all about
Freedom of speech
Then when Steve Earle's jaw
Is within reach

I wouldn't mind
If I heard a good crack
And looked up and saw
Him flat on his back

Hey it's my artistic expression
I mean him no harm
I'm only sayin I'd understand
If somebody broke his arm

Yeah we've all got opinions
And this is just mine
Maybe a snap
And it sounds like his spine

I'm not inciting violence
Really I'm not
I'm merely sayin if it happens
I hope nobody gets caught

You know like maybe a witness
Really didn't see
And it was only an accident
That broke his knee

Maybe a stomach punch
Into ol fat Earle
Would give us a laugh
As we watched him hurl

And that'd get more blood
Back into his head
To where he could understand
Who it is exactly

This jack-off jihad....wants dead

3:04 pm

I'm not inciting
Just wipin off my shoes
Ask Steve I'm sure he'd agree
We're just artists with different views

transcribed this time
9:26 am

Airing out the Ditzy Chicks

Airing out the Ditzy Chicks

I want them in the open
I want them to open their mouth
I want them to know up North
I want them to know down South

I don't need their arguing points
Because I know they have none
I want them out in the open
Because it's time we had some fun

Free speech is not a one way road
Boycott isn't an exclusive thing
I just want to see the real belief
Behind why they think they sing

I can make up my own mind
I have my own thoughts and feelings
I'm not all knocked back in my seat
That star power doesn't send me reeling

No more shallow selfish indulgence
No more arrogant spoiled millionaires
Tellin me what I'm supposed to think
Or the only way I'm allowed to care

Like they're somehow all suppressed
Like it's all some big conspiracy
If I exercise my own right
And no longer want to buy their lousy CD

There are other singers out there
Other people just lookin for the chance
I don't know where some people get off
Actin like they're the only ones

Who count in this life's dance

8:13 am
transcribed this time
9:24 am

The Adventures of Sean Penn Head in Bagdad

The Adventures of
Sean Penn in Bagdad

After marrying one of the
Biggest whores
The entire universe

Embarks on a
Dip-lomatic tour
Of the crazy and perverse

Clitorectomies are ok
As well as
Raping the wife of
An accused man

It's merely another culture
And it's only the
Intolerant and misguided
That don't try to understand


Being escorted everywhere
By the minders with the blinders
Doesn't bother this actor
Of marked distinktion

As long as they're not wearing
American uniforms
He feels secure in his
Naively dangerous predilictions

I'm going to find out myself
Announces the un-appointed
But self annointed
Statesman of the day

But I'll bet over there
He doesn't punch out
Any camera men
That get in his way

That's because he's a punk
A product a tinsel town clown
Indulging himself in this act
Of dillusional recreation

And other than that
I'm am definitely going to
Put a lot of stock
In this genius' returning proclamations

7:41 pm
transcribed this time
9:23 am



Is nothing but an insidious venomous snake
He just wants to ambush who he can't talk down
If he feels like he's losing he'll change the subject
He's intense but still nothing but a clown

He's mean and nasty and will do anything
To win the argument with words battle
But when it comes down to it he's all
Empty talk and endless mindless prattle

He's good at emoting and acting offended
Or smug or self righteous that's all he's got
He talks louder and over people if they catch on
That all he's selling is cure all oil and brain rot

Carville is a nobody who's somebody
Because trash is in fashion with a lot of dinks
He doesn't have anything substantial to offer
He doesn't have one original idea to think

He just opens his mouth and out it comes
The provocation the insinuation and lies
And it is making him look like he acts
You can just see it in his reptilian eyes

7:18 pm
Again as is standard form
I mean no slight to any reptile

transcribed this time
9:20 am

Open letters
The series

Subject Matter:




The hard news question

************************************************* *************************************************


Have I stumbled across
An angry sewing circle of some kind
Where the fools rules have been posted
But they can only be read by the blind

Is the powder puff football team
Throwin another tantrum in the locker room
And the upset stamping of their little feet
Is the back seat beat behind their loony tune

Is there some diletante list goin around
Some secret pledge to take to get in
On the scoop on the poop at the chicken coup
Where they keep the wettist hens

Am I missing the kindergarten with no class
And the nah nah nah if I don't get my way
Then I don't want to hear I don't have to hear
What you have to say what you have to say

Which seems to be

The new standard double think
And what passes for toleration
Or thinking or debating or being
Creative in any situation

Just curious
Just engaging in some one on one
Believe me you don't have to answer
You can even turn and run

That's how freedom works
As far as I can see
No quotas No set asides
Or Guarantees for particular results

At least here
In the Land Of Opportunity

11:57 am
*transcribed this time
9:17 am


The San Antonio Current
General letters...mail@sacurrent.com



Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Big Head Ted

Ted Kennedy is a
Fat murdering alcoholic pig

Who needs a crane
To be lowered onto the Senate floor
He's pimped by everything socialist
But more than willing to be its whore

He's a vulgar loud mouthed slob
Getin by on what used to be
There is no low he won't go
When babbling out his insanity

Everything for personal gain
Everything for personal fame
He long ago passed the point
When he had an ounce of shame

No slurring slander beneath him
He's the degenerate of our time
Who wallows and belches out
What he finds in the gutters

Of his mind

12:44 am
transcribed this time
8:54 pm

Ted Rawls Scrawl.....take 2

Ted Rall's scrawl

Take two

Take two and don't call me in the morning
Cyanide tablets that is
All this op-ed talking head is concerned
With is what he thinks is his

He believes in nothing
He is yellow journalism maxed out
And that perfectly matches the streak
Runnin down his back no doubt

And down his leg
As he stands there legs apart
Posing as if he's got any guts
Any integrity or heart

He's a lying manipulative
Opportunistic creep
If he had an once of a concience
He wouldn't be able to sleep

He's narcissistic and shallow
He's a twister of facts
And you'd have to be mad
To ever give him access to your back

He's head cheer leader
For the cry baby gazette
And no matter how whacked he hacks
He's secretly thinkin

You ain't seen nuthin yet


He claims he's opposing
But truth is he loves to undermine
He obfuscates and insinuates
And worships at the half -truths shrine

He's not controversial
He's an underhanded jerk
He's sellin dead seed screed
And callin it work

3:21 pm
transcribed this time
8:52 pm

Teddy bares his A..........ll

Teddy bares his A....ll
but wouldn't know a thug

They blew up two planes
If they went off on a jihad
And were raving insane

If they blew up night clubs
And lied to the world
Had no court system
And murdered Kurdish boys and girls

Took bomb making plans
And wore shoe bombs on their feet
Told his rubber stamp generals
Suicide was not defeat

While he hides out in bunkers
And invades other lands
Makes all kinds of agreements
And then has - other plans -

Ted Rall wouldn't know the truth
If it payed after children died
Blowing themselves up
To suit their grandparents pride

Ted Rall is a whiney crazy brat
Who just got old
Who contends pretend rebellion
Is a way for a man

To be bold

7:17 pm
transcribed this time
8:50 pm

Monday, December 13, 2004

Your kind

General Clark is your kind of General

Al Wankin Frankin is your kind of satirist
Jesse Shakedown Jackson your kind of preacher
Professor De Genova the deginirate from Columbia
Must be definitely up there as a great teacher

Michael Moore is your kind of Documentarian
The Jason Blair affair never affected the Times
And that New Jersey Knucklehead Barakas
Is your kind of poet although he rarely rhymes

Numb Chumpsky is your kind of philosopher
Even though he backed the Pol Pot regime
Even when he tells you you're intelligencia
When you swallow his hate America scheme

John Walker Lyndh was a misunderstood boy
Who got tangled all up in the net
And should probably be let go once he's
Shown enough of the properly timed regret

Kind of like that idiot who shot President Reagan
Can't you see he's all better now his wits are honed
Of course he should be allowed out to go on visits
Unsupervised on the week ends to his parents home

The ninth circuit court of appeals are your judges
No matter how many people signed that petition
No matter that we the people have a right to vote
Judicial activism sure halted that election competition

Gavin Newsome is your kind of mayor
Berkley is your kind of school
MaDonna is your kind of live in France Patriot
Serving up her latest espousings of gruel and drool

Maybe Phil Donahue will make a come back
And won't that be a glorious day
When you have something besides West Wing to watch
And to hang on to every word they have to say

Ted Rawls Scrawl is what you like to read
He really knows how to put a pen to ink
He certainly gives hope to effiminized males
And encouragement to how far you can go

Even when you're a dink

01:53 pm
transcribed this time
8:51 am

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Chris Matthews....The Irish Called

Chris Mattews the Irish called
Right after your latest shameful ambush attack
And they wanted any claim you might have
Ever made to possessing manhood back


Matthews isn't hard hitting
He's a disgusting merchant of slime
He deserves to get that smug look
Slapped off his face sometime

Matthews doesn't play hard ball
He plays fast and loose
His whole goal is to stick
His guest's neck in a noose

By talking loud and louder
By being abrupt and rude
By deliberately misleading
Or being blatantly crude

He counts on not getting
Punched in the face
He has no respect for truth
Manners or grace

He's abrasive and arrogant
Disengenuous beyond belief
He loves to provoke and irritate
Whatever causes the most grief

He's nobody's journalist
Although he claims it as his work
Every day more and more
He reveals himself to be

An unrepentant jerk

12:20 am
transcribed this time
6:50 pm