Monday, March 02, 2009

A view Harpie alone

Joy came across as joyless

She took Ann seriously when she was joking
She spoke to her in a dismissive manner
She just kept firing away while flying her
Freak flag stupid arrogant liberal banner

Bahar was all over the place
She went from one subject to the next
She tried and failed to get in Ann's face
And came across like a train wreck

She found out what it was like
When she had to go one on one
Without the other View harpies
She wasn't having much fun

I can't believe she asked Ann
If she would date George Clooney
That guy is such a loser a phony
And an out and out looney

Joyless went to pathetic extremes
To try to make Ann look bad
And fell flat on her face all the while
Looking very very sad

In a lack of any depth way
In a rigid humorless way
You'd think she'd learn with Ann
Right there

If you're going to open your mouth
You probably ought to have something to say

8:28 am
written after watching Joyless
"interview" Ann on CNN
transcribed this time
8:48 am



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