Friday, September 26, 2008

Laughing in your face...While I pick up a baseball bat

You like Murtha

So how long have you been
Picking up the soap in the showers
How long have you been on the floats
Ever so proud of Gay Day's power

Murtha is a trash talking
Worthless sell out son of a bitch
Is there a picture somewhere of
You and him not wearin a stitch

Murtha is a traitor
An old slobbering doddering fool
Who tried to use brave young men
As his personal political tools

He ought to be shot in the head
He ought to have broken knees
For going against those courageous Marines
Who fight for us all to remain free

Lying conniving deceitful seditionists
Thinks it's soon to be their turn
But there will always be first principals
And always some real hard bloody

Lessons to be learned

8:49 am
transcribed this time
9:26 am



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