Saturday, December 23, 2006

A piece of trash is a piece of trash

A piece of trash is a piece of trash

A suck up is a suck up
He’s over the edge and around the bend
He’s a pretender to manhood’s mantle
And a friend to no real fighting men

He probably dates Nanci Pelosi
And wants Cindy Sheehan next
He’s a used to be wanna be
And a living trashed out wreck

Real Marines hate him
And laugh at his two faced ways
He speaks out of both sides of his mouth
And still has absolutely nothing to say

He’s the kind that sissies quote
To show their military expertise
While hoisting their white flag of surrender
And recommending their cut and run

Version of Peace

10:17 am
written in response to another drooling fool
presenting Burkha Murtha as anything but
a shrill high whining shill..
but could also be said of Gigilo Kerry
and Generally Wrong Wessie Clark
transcribed this time
11:34 pm



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