Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mr Galloway


LONDON (Reuters) - Maverick politician and Iraq war opponent George Galloway triggered a storm of protest on Friday by saying it would be morally justified for a suicide bomber to kill Prime Minister Tony Blair in revenge for the war.

Asked by GQ magazine if Blair's assassination by a suicide bomber would be justified as revenge for the Iraq war, he said: "Yes, it would be morally justified."



When you translate that word from
G Q …rag-o-zine ..speak you get:

Complete Arse Hole.


Dear Mr Galloway

Since you seem to find it perfectly acceptable
To suggest that the killing of Prime Minister Blair
Would be morally justified over freeing Iraq
I was wondering how about your pompous air

Being let out by a few well placed bullet holes
I mean you being such a traitorous bitch and all
I wonder how that would play in noble Parliament
How that would go down at the Albert Hall

How deep your affinity for suicide bombers must
Be for you to completely go off the deep end
And espouse to agree that it’s ok for one of them
To kill one of your own fellow country men

You must most certainly agree in turn about don’t you
You do put yourself up for fair game as well
You seem to want to shout to the highest Heavens
You then surely have heard of this place called Hell

England has always had its turn coats such as
Neville Chamberlain swilling the filth of potentates
Trying and buying into the lying while others do the dying
To look like such a diplomat of state

But the brave and true have always recognized you
And all your cheap shell game theatrics
The Bard himself would have struck you down you
Silly old man with your mouth full of ticks and tricks

Dear Mr Galloway

Let us now hang your portrait amongst the gallery
Of rogues that have posed to be amongst England’s best
But when it came down to it all your kind have ever
Managed to contribute is what you yourself confess

That you have no heart for the battle
That you have no soul for the fighting man
That you have no courage for the stalwart
And the heart it takes to make a stand

1:21 am
Standard disclaimer here for the context
Of any relatable ideas as to violence and
This writing shall be but by the mere
sphere of fear and fateful coincidence.
transcribed this time
2:03 pm



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