Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Honesty about Katrina...and various reactions

Oh I didn't mean to offend
The feelings

Of the criminals shooting at the rescue helicopters
Or the rapists thieves and murderers in the Superdome
Or that opportunistic incompetant self important mayor
Who left those school buses sitting unused and alone

While real people actually suffered and died
So the Governor could argue about cramping her style
If she called in for Federal help early like Mississippi and
Alabama did I wouldn't want to add to that stinking pile

Much less ever take notice of the looters that
The Lying pos media said was out of desperate need
When even their own film documents that expensive
Luxury items were a large part of those low

Down dirty deeds

No really I didn't mean
To offend the feelings

Of those who deliberately stayed behind
To prey upon the infirmed vulnerable and weak
I'd never want to counter the lies and distortions
That the posers and losers step forth to speak

I'd never want to ever hurt their feelings
Especially if it gave credit where credit was due
And that goes to a lot of the first responders
And the generosity of a lot of the Americans

That are true blue

Red white and blue
As a matter of fact
Although I sure some whiner somewhere
Will manage to interpret even that as an attack

11:23 pm
transcribed this time
12:29 am


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