Thursday, April 21, 2005

We're all from somewhere else

We're all from somewhere else

So everybody just walk the Hell on in
Take all the money and food you need
And while you're here anyway you
Might as well breed breed breed

Sure we'll pay for your college
You want a drivers license while you wait
Hey go ahead and throw that lock away
And push wide open that gate

Hurray hurray we're all in la la land
Now nothing could go possibly wrong
See how tolerant we are and yes we know
Actually we're the ones who don't belong

Throw open the borders don't even have
A policy about it that's using your brain
We are all world citizens and all cultures
And everyone is equal and the same

What drugs and terrorists
Our system can never will never over load
Vincente Fox is the wisest man in the world
And those are all just his ambassadors

Comin down the road

11:26 pm
transcribed this time
11:29 pm


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