Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Armondo Garcia

Armondo Garcia

Needs a bullet in the head
Needs to be extradited from life
Needs a 172 grains of lead

Screaming through his skull
At the going ballistic rate
That brings justice back around
And a reaquaintince with fate

That isn't in the hands
Of the narrow selfish view
That thinks it's all about diplomacy
As long as it happening to you

But I bet the story would take
Completely another turn
If it had been a Senator
Than Mexico would have to learn

That you can't do that to us
We'd all be encouraged to stand
United and unflinching
Shoulder to shoulder man to man

But since it's only a deputy
A sort of regular guy
We can let this one slip
We can let this one go by

8:18 am
transcribed this time
5:01 pm
Armondo is the killer of
David Marsh, an American citizen
and deputy sheriff. Armondo fled after
his crime of murder to Mexico.



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