Friday, March 18, 2005

George Felos

George Felos....

Is a mouthpiece for death
Weaving his demonic spell
Spewing and spouting garbage
That reeks of the smell of Hell

He is a sickening little man
Mocking God and the human soul
He is an empty suit
That thinks he is being bold

This is what evil looks like
This is how far they will go
He is a scheming dream killer
He is the lowest of low

George Felos is now cursed
He is a marked and degraded man
He deserves no sanctuary anywhere
He deserves no homeland

He spits on truth and beauty
He mocks and ridicules humility
He stands before the throngs
And says you do not see what you see

He is of the Serpent
He is wriggling writhing deciet
He seeks to enable a death blow
To render unto compassion defeat

This is what evil looks like
An arrogant self righteous little man
Lecturing others about mercy
While waving his interfering hands

He is a mouthpiece for death
And represents a mad man's will
He raises his praise to wickedness
As he goes in for the kill

5:29 pm
transcribed this time
5:36 pm


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