Thursday, February 17, 2005

Charlie Rangel...Aka...Up chuck Chuck

Charlie Rangel
Up chuck Chuck

Is due for his come uppins
Is due for a change of luck


The author of the Bring Back the Draft Bill
Did it for the sole purpose to undermine and
To help create support for his buddies in
The protest movement back home

He's always throwin in the race card
While callin Southern folks red necks
Which I suppose is just his ignorant way
Of tryin to prove he's still got stones

But those were gone long ago
When he started lying about the
Statistics of the war dead in order
To back up his distorted contorted view

He’s just blabbin and grabbin
And being an obstructionist
And would obviously do anything
To avoid having to take a cue to get a clue

He ain't nuthin but a brown Jesse Jackson
Tryin to hustle himself some kind of deal
He just can't work the leverage quite as good
For what he wants to extort and steal

He's arrogant and a smart mouth
And people let him off too damned easy
I say call him out for what he is
Low down lazy and sleezy

9:28 pm
transcribed this time
9:35 pm


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