Saturday, February 05, 2005

Casting sunlight into a vampire's face

Casting sunlight into
A vampire's face

Throwing holy water on their
Oh so thinned skinned views
How uncompromising can you get
How mean spirited of you

And the unkindest blow of all
Actually resorting to facts
Oh man how could you ever
Stoop to resorting to that

Have you no mercy at all
And what could cause this divide
It all started with a conversation
How Saddams sons had died

He never justified his oh
Not so good of a feeling
About torturers who literally
Had peoples skin peeling

Or hunted women down
On the open streets of Bagdad
To be used as a rape toy
Somehow that wasn't bad

Enough to stop the almost
Automatic response of attack
On our present Leader who has
Stood with us and fought back

There's a seperation in this nation
That's growing every day
And it's being caused by the petty
Obstructionist getting in the way

The petulant self rightious
Who have no humor at all
Much less enough inner fortitude
To not want to crawl

Before the threat of Terrorism
That is networked now world wide
Because sometimes it does break
Down to which side died

But who wouldn't give it up
For these two brothers of evil intent
How wacked out do you have to be
To not see the camels nose

Comin up under the flap in that tent

8:20 pm
transcribed this time
1:14 pm


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