Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This is what you get

This is what you get

When you care and feed the idiots
With money from the public coffer
You get who can come up with
The best grant speakism can offer

You get marxist bigoted phonies
Hiding behind the artistic name
Why bother developing talent
And just tap into the fame

Break it down anyway you want
Being outrageous is the canard
Because nobody can really prove
All you're really doing is using the race card

Pretend it's about literature
And make all the right connections
Climb to the top of a trash heap
And point in every direction

Except personal responsibility
And any respect for the constitution
It's a barely disguised political front
Worming it's way into institutions

And your tax dollars pay for it
They're laughing all the way to the bank
They bask in the hoary glory exposure
Expecting money and to be thanked

For edjcatin the ignorant masses
For standin up to the man
For corrupting another generation
To get away with what they can

10:11 am
finished over some months

transcribed this time
6:39 pm


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