Sunday, December 19, 2004

CNN and other reporters

The Bad News View

Cnn and other reporters
Like them are complicit

In undermining our leadersip
Lowering troops moral
Devaluing missions accomplished
And all by acting like our pals

Because they really really care
Because this is a Democracy
And they are so brave to dare
To question Authority

Nobody says you don't evaluate
Or never ever criticize
But if that's all you do
Doesn't that turn it into lies

If you never question the question
If out and out distortions
Are presented without a challenge
Doesn't BS get the larger portion

Of the camera's eye and time
Soldiers are also our citizens
How about some positive
At least every now and then


The Major Three are also guilty
As far as I'm conerned
As if....if they were on our side
Their neutrality might get burned

Abc Nbc Cbs
Jennings Brokow and Rather
Doesn't it as some point it turn
Into some pretty deep blather

PBS and NPR have always been
Publically funded shows
But as lopsided as they are
I don't know how anyone knows

They swear that they aren't bias
That they have no leftist leanings
Hell they're not even honest about that
They're so busy primping and preening

A lot like those Hollyweired half-wits
Just not so crazy about it
Like if you can pronounce objectivity
How could we ever doubt it


Quagmire Quagmire Quagmire
No plan No plan No plan
Yawl take out a bunch of hornets
Let's see what you understand

Is every step choreographed
When you aim up that spray
When you carefully aim and shoot
Don't you sort of scoot and pray

You exfiltrate the area
But you come back around
That's what our men are doing
When they go back into towns

They're checking things out
They're making it better
They're making it safer
They're reading their letters

But oh how dare we question you
No dissent amongst the dissenters
Once you've committed to the Dean
Of Academia Nuts they're can be no repenters

They don't have another view
They just flat out hate the president
All they've got is oceans of emotions
And they don't want to hear an argument

That's logical anyway
They're patriotism is off the table
They will let you know that with their
Last breath as long as they are able

Even as they continue to manipulate
And hammer home more despair
Committ their sins of ommission
But they just do it because they care

Because we need our friends back
Good buddys like Germany and France
We don't need to stand tall
We need to learn to sway and prance

But I'll never forget or forgive
The terrorists that want to kill us
And they'll do it anyway they can
With planes trucks or a bus


Cnn and other reporters
Like them are complicit

In sabotaging our spirit to win
To fight back as we must

These people are mental seditionists
And not worthy of our trust

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transcribed this time
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