Thursday, December 16, 2004

Steven Earle's Pro-Jihad Jingle

Steve Earle's Pro Jihad Jingle

Album: Jerusalem
Song: Johnny Walker's Blues

If it's all about
Freedom of speech
Then when Steve Earle's jaw
Is within reach

I wouldn't mind
If I heard a good crack
And looked up and saw
Him flat on his back

Hey it's my artistic expression
I mean him no harm
I'm only sayin I'd understand
If somebody broke his arm

Yeah we've all got opinions
And this is just mine
Maybe a snap
And it sounds like his spine

I'm not inciting violence
Really I'm not
I'm merely sayin if it happens
I hope nobody gets caught

You know like maybe a witness
Really didn't see
And it was only an accident
That broke his knee

Maybe a stomach punch
Into ol fat Earle
Would give us a laugh
As we watched him hurl

And that'd get more blood
Back into his head
To where he could understand
Who it is exactly

This jack-off jihad....wants dead

3:04 pm

I'm not inciting
Just wipin off my shoes
Ask Steve I'm sure he'd agree
We're just artists with different views

transcribed this time
9:26 am


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