Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Teddy bares his A..........ll

Teddy bares his A....ll
but wouldn't know a thug

They blew up two planes
If they went off on a jihad
And were raving insane

If they blew up night clubs
And lied to the world
Had no court system
And murdered Kurdish boys and girls

Took bomb making plans
And wore shoe bombs on their feet
Told his rubber stamp generals
Suicide was not defeat

While he hides out in bunkers
And invades other lands
Makes all kinds of agreements
And then has - other plans -

Ted Rall wouldn't know the truth
If it payed after children died
Blowing themselves up
To suit their grandparents pride

Ted Rall is a whiney crazy brat
Who just got old
Who contends pretend rebellion
Is a way for a man

To be bold

7:17 pm
transcribed this time
8:50 pm


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