Sunday, December 12, 2004

Chris Matthews....The Irish Called

Chris Mattews the Irish called
Right after your latest shameful ambush attack
And they wanted any claim you might have
Ever made to possessing manhood back


Matthews isn't hard hitting
He's a disgusting merchant of slime
He deserves to get that smug look
Slapped off his face sometime

Matthews doesn't play hard ball
He plays fast and loose
His whole goal is to stick
His guest's neck in a noose

By talking loud and louder
By being abrupt and rude
By deliberately misleading
Or being blatantly crude

He counts on not getting
Punched in the face
He has no respect for truth
Manners or grace

He's abrasive and arrogant
Disengenuous beyond belief
He loves to provoke and irritate
Whatever causes the most grief

He's nobody's journalist
Although he claims it as his work
Every day more and more
He reveals himself to be

An unrepentant jerk

12:20 am
transcribed this time
6:50 pm


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