Thursday, December 16, 2004

Airing out the Ditzy Chicks

Airing out the Ditzy Chicks

I want them in the open
I want them to open their mouth
I want them to know up North
I want them to know down South

I don't need their arguing points
Because I know they have none
I want them out in the open
Because it's time we had some fun

Free speech is not a one way road
Boycott isn't an exclusive thing
I just want to see the real belief
Behind why they think they sing

I can make up my own mind
I have my own thoughts and feelings
I'm not all knocked back in my seat
That star power doesn't send me reeling

No more shallow selfish indulgence
No more arrogant spoiled millionaires
Tellin me what I'm supposed to think
Or the only way I'm allowed to care

Like they're somehow all suppressed
Like it's all some big conspiracy
If I exercise my own right
And no longer want to buy their lousy CD

There are other singers out there
Other people just lookin for the chance
I don't know where some people get off
Actin like they're the only ones

Who count in this life's dance

8:13 am
transcribed this time
9:24 am


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