Thursday, December 16, 2004



Is nothing but an insidious venomous snake
He just wants to ambush who he can't talk down
If he feels like he's losing he'll change the subject
He's intense but still nothing but a clown

He's mean and nasty and will do anything
To win the argument with words battle
But when it comes down to it he's all
Empty talk and endless mindless prattle

He's good at emoting and acting offended
Or smug or self righteous that's all he's got
He talks louder and over people if they catch on
That all he's selling is cure all oil and brain rot

Carville is a nobody who's somebody
Because trash is in fashion with a lot of dinks
He doesn't have anything substantial to offer
He doesn't have one original idea to think

He just opens his mouth and out it comes
The provocation the insinuation and lies
And it is making him look like he acts
You can just see it in his reptilian eyes

7:18 pm
Again as is standard form
I mean no slight to any reptile

transcribed this time
9:20 am


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