Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Adventures of Sean Penn Head in Bagdad

The Adventures of
Sean Penn in Bagdad

After marrying one of the
Biggest whores
The entire universe

Embarks on a
Dip-lomatic tour
Of the crazy and perverse

Clitorectomies are ok
As well as
Raping the wife of
An accused man

It's merely another culture
And it's only the
Intolerant and misguided
That don't try to understand


Being escorted everywhere
By the minders with the blinders
Doesn't bother this actor
Of marked distinktion

As long as they're not wearing
American uniforms
He feels secure in his
Naively dangerous predilictions

I'm going to find out myself
Announces the un-appointed
But self annointed
Statesman of the day

But I'll bet over there
He doesn't punch out
Any camera men
That get in his way

That's because he's a punk
A product a tinsel town clown
Indulging himself in this act
Of dillusional recreation

And other than that
I'm am definitely going to
Put a lot of stock
In this genius' returning proclamations

7:41 pm
transcribed this time
9:23 am


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