Thursday, December 16, 2004

Fat Ugly Stupid Lying Michael Moore

Fat Ugly
Stupid Lying Michael Moore

Wants to do his cut-a-ways and edits
To distort and manipulate the facts
And has absolutely no qualms
About stabbing Charleston Heston in the back

He wants to hide behind callling it humor
When he's caught willfully decieving
When he deliberately misleads you
Into what he wants you to be believing

He's the one using tragedy and sorrow
For his own personal gain
He has absolutely no regard
If he increases anybody else's pain

Anything and everything at all cost
It's his obsession above all else
He's a slob without limits
Whose primary concern is himself

He's undisciplined and sickening
Dilluded and dangerous to vunerable minds
And nobody's sayin he can't say what he wants
But there should be consequences for his kind

It was and is not a documentary
Just the hateful concoction of a fool
And the question before the board is
Do you even bother

Following your own rules

Reveal yourself for what you are
Support some basic common sense
Salvage some last shred of your honor
Or muddy yourself up real good

By locking into your recalcitrance

Either way's ok with me
I just want everybody to get a chance
To see who's who
Who's the fake common guy in sloppy pants


But as far as I'm concerned
A documentary is not a fictious rant

You know kinda like
Just because you pay a whore
To say I love you
Doesn't mean you're in a romance

10:33 am
Written originally in support of the
movement to have his movie
stripped of it's award, the Oscar ,
as being Best Documentary
when it is plainly NOT a documentary
transcribed this time
9:23 am


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