Thursday, December 16, 2004

King of the girlie-boys

King of the girlie-boys
Takes a dive

And who'll take the bet
He won't go down boasting
Proud of the pompous pap that was
The show that he was hoasting


But you can believe he's somewhere
Right now layin it on thick
He's like the carrier of a disease
That somehow doesn't make him sick

But it does me
I can't stand his smug face
I see his actions as contemptable
I think he stinks up the whole place


Oh but how he loves to wildly gesture
And constantly interrupt
Like it's the logic in the brain that is
The substance that corrupts

And isn't what he's good at
Is the talking down to.... to demean
Anybody who doesn't subscribe to
His socialistic communistic dreams

Lord how he can layer over everything
With the bright white guilt of shame
Because the only way to come clean
Is to constantly take the blame

What an arrogant two faced loser
Ever ready to be dismissive and rude
How can anyone manage to be
In that much of an over emotional mood

Ambush is his interview style
He likes to re-word what is said
And then put on a well rehearsed smile
While nodding that great big head

Good bye to you Mr Perfect Hair
And your weepy creepy game
Oh yeah everybody has a built in excuse
No matter who they've ever caused pain

You name he'll claim it
A promoter of endless illigal immigration
How could anyone dare think
This land to be their sacred sovereign nation

Because surely America is the cause
Of most everything wrong in the world
And maybe if we'd all just apologize
Everytime the flag unfurls

Then we wouldn't have this struggle
With the forces of darkness and light
And freedom wouldn't have to be something
For which we would ever have to fight

King of the girlie-boys is taking a dive
And I can't say I'm sad to see him go
Matter of fact I'm kind of celebrating

And just wanted somebody to know

4:22 pm
transcribed this time
9:38 am
Ok ding times up, it's Phil (the pill) Donahue
Or in keeping up with more up to date ratings



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