Monday, December 20, 2004

The Culture Wars

The Culture Wars

They’re coming for the meaning of marriage
They don’t give a damn about the law
Just what I need to see on Valentine’s Day
You tell me what you saw

Who the Hell is in charge of immigration
Every day thousands come across
When are we going to fight back
When we’re absolutely sure we’ve lost


Affirmative action is infirmative action
How dare anybody start to stand up
For anything but sanctioned special privileges
Like that isn’t stupid harmful and corrupt

The ACLU has gone completely crazy
It wants Boy Scout Leaders to be gay
It uses it’s legaleeze to put on the squeeze
Because NAMBLA’s got something to say

And we all better cancel Christmas
If we know what’s good for our souls
And I guess everything would be easier
If we’d just give in and do what were told

By all the activist self righteous judges
Making their pronouncements from on high
Aren’t they their own little clique of mystique
Telling us which snake oil is the best to buy

Tell me

The school system no longer teaches
Critical logical thinking anymore
Almost every single subject is approached
As but another revisionistic way to keep score

And don’t get me started on Popular Culture
And all that has come to mean
With it’s sexualizing of youth and truth
And drug addiction making every scene

It’s the Petri glass of the vulture culture
Come to wear us down and out
Come to argue endless petty points
And fill good peoples heads with nagging doubt

11:14 pm
Gavin Newsome is a lawless anarchist
transcribed this time
10:07 pm


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