Sunday, December 19, 2004

I think there are elements in this country

I think there are elements
In this country

That don’t know how to be thankful
For the sacrifices of such brave men
They don’t know how when so humbled
To still be their lovers brothers and friends

Hard lines and compassion are two traits
That are difficult to see together
It’s just easier for some to be supportive
When it’s politically fairer weather

Oh they mouth their platitudes and attitudes
More to assuage the guilt they learned
Instead of the passion integrity and honor
It takes in a warriors heart to burn

To get the mission accomplished
To come up with an intelligent tactical plan
And to carry it through by the well trained
Efforts of each and every individual man

The worst thing you can do is quit and withdraw
When the fighting’s been hard to do what it takes
And it especially has the distain of shame
When it’s said it’s being done……for their sake

No more gutless false leaders
And pity committees that are to the core corrupt
If you ask these kind of men to do something
You damn well this time

Better back them up

7:42 am
transcribed this time
6:44 pm


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