Saturday, January 08, 2005


But But

Jimmy won a pwize
Jimmy won a pwize
Doesn't that mean
He see's it with open eyes

When he gave away
The Panama canal
Cool as any fool
Who wants to be everybody's pal


Like what

You can't be chumped tryin
Too hard to be everybody's friend
He's a peanut gallery of one
He's a should of never been

And wants us to disarm first
As a way to lead other nations
Yeah he's got a real good grip
On terrorist created situations

Four hundred and forty four days
Iran held hostage our women and men
But oh don't worry about that
That was way back then

He was a failure as president
He cut our active intell personell
I'm sure that didn't send the red line
Danger level screaming right up to Hell

Sent in barely enough of an
Over mixed dilluded rescue team
To make it look like he cared
But it was just another of his

Cream puff dream schemes


The Nobel Peace Prize
Has turned itself into a joke
For the most part it's been made
Into nuthin but a political stroke

It's hollow and empty like Khadafi
Heading the UN's human rights committee
But oh isn't Jimmy a nice guy given it a try
No I say he doesn't even deserve

That much pity

10:24 am
transcribed this time
12:06 pm


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