Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tim Tim Robbins and his Bob Bob Bobbin head

There's a cold wind blowing
Hey Tim you're right

No base on balls for you
You get to say what you want
And then
We do too

You big duh head
Go listen to Dennis Leary for a while
Find out what it takes
To make some of us smile

Wake up wake up
Or don't
But guess what
Who cares if you will or won't

Find your soul
Or go dig a hole
Or haven't you noticed
Super sonic sub moronic is old

Old man old
Remember when it was cool to be cruel
Well you're on the outside now
But the consititution still rules

We just don't like your do do anymore
You idiot you baboon you loon
Surprise the world goes on without you
And lovers still look at the moon

Check you later loser
I'm going to go have some fun
Not knowing is one thing
But it's another

When you insist on

9:40 pm
transcribed this time
11:56 pm

This was one of the first ventures out
by the Hollyweird losers club trying to say
they get to speak before millions, but they're
being "repressed" if anyone offers a differing opinion
Ahhhhhhhh gee ... you mean other
people get a chance to speak back AND there
are consequences.....Indeed Timmy a cold cold
wind is blowing....around in that vacant head
of yours!!!



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