Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hey Barbara

Hey Barbara

Why don’t you call
Up the joint chief’s of staff for singing lessons
Or for help
With your designer dresses

Since they’re obviously
Wasting their time
With weapons of mass destruction
And other incidental messes

Believe it or not
People can love people too much
Especially if it’s the kind
That put’s one out of touch

With matters of security
Or having to draw a hard line
Sometimes people comin at you are comin at you
And you can’t change their mind

With fancy dancy fund raisers
And influential friends
Who are all aflame with your fame
Because there is such a thing as enforce and defend

But hey maybe you could wear
A machine gun belt made out of gold
Those tickets went for five hundred a pop
Wasn’t that the price at which they were sold

Diamonds are a girls best friend
And Funny Girl Funny
Especially since who you say
Is wielding all the money

Great wasn’t it havin a direct connect to the prez
And oh by the way
Were you who he was talking to
Instead of the CIA

This isn’t like rehearsing sweetness
And everybody gets up after the wake
And the crew all claps and cheers
Here you don’t get a second take

This is a different theatre of operations
This isn’t like tryin to get that lucky break
And the show must go on

Even though you made a mistake


No it isn’t

What’s up Pussy Cat
Forget to move along with the times
Do make an effort Babs to remember
You and most of your kind

Are just acting the parts
Of those.. that do step into the breach
And very seriously and dedicatedly
Put it on the line

11:44 pm
transcribed this time
2:32 pm


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