Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Capital Crimes Committed

Capital Crimes Committed
By a juvenile
Taken out of
Death penalty range


Yeah snot nosed juvy
Socio psycho paths
Loved this..........


Hey we're old enough to murder
But they won't kill us...

We can still get away with the scam sham of


See how young I look at trial
See me sit there in my chair
With clean clothes that fit
And combed back decent looking hair

See how innocently I pose
See how I'm polite
Not at all like
I was on that savage night

I threw her off the bridge
Not at all like when I used a knife
And broke into somebody's home
And killed somebody's mother and wife

See how young I am
Come save me gullible fools
Come help reduce the penalties
When I break the rules

Keep giving my kind encouragement
Keep poisoning the social contract
It is after all all about me
And not anybody I mercilessly attacked

See how blank I can look
See how easily I can smoothly lie
Just forget about how I pulled the trigger
Looking down the scope on those about

To die

8:19 am
transcribed this time
5:06 pm


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