Friday, February 25, 2005

No............You prove to me

Prove to me you're not a liar

And you're not only lookin
To back up what you already believe
And any evidence found was obviously
Put there to decieve

Prove to me you're not a raving
Extremist for excrement dweeb
Lookin for a Ted Rall Scrawl
Or an Air head Ariana screed

To once again reinforce your
Carved in stone beliefs
Does letting wind out like this
Give you at least some measure

Of relief

No really
Prove to me you're not the whacko
That you don't grovel before Reverand Al
And that no matter what happened in
Cincinatti you think he's some kind of Pal

You be the one who has to come through
Who are you that should be convinced
Or the rest of us couldn't possibly go on
And see anything making any sense

Same ol tactics same ol nit pickin slickin
Prove you're not so flipped out left wing
That you back like Danny Glover does
That Castro facist Cuba thing

2:14 pm
transcribed this time
8:21 pm


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