Thursday, April 21, 2005

I hate the illegals

I hate the illegals

For their lack of guts to organize and resolve
The problems in their own nation
Why is it their only solution is to flee
To run away from the situation

Why don't they stop their oppressors
Why don't they take justice into their own hands
Why is constant mere grubbing survival enough
Don't they have any more noble dreams and demands

I hate the illegals for not getting off their knees
For taking what ever pitiful hand outs they can get
Don't they have any sense of pride at some point
Don't they have some tragedy that they can't forget

That makes them want to draw the line
To go no further with Mexico's political corruption
Must it always be their lives constantly in turmoil
Must it always be their families in constant disruption

Who down there knows there is wealth aplenty
And it is being kept control of by the few
Who down there knows that even their simple jobs
Deserved to be looked upon with a more respectful view

Isn't anybody angry at their brother being killed
By some sick sadistic excuse for a cop
Aren't any workers in the fields tired of being
Worked to death to bring in the abundant crops

Life is tough and sometimes it takes hard action
If justice is going to raise her eyes up and see
Why don't you take back your own country
Your own rights and quit running up here to me

That's why I hate you
Because you're willing to suffer and die
But not to make things better but to just
Stumble on to do just enough to get by

I hate you because you let fear run your hearts
Because you don't plan together and have dreams
You just keep huddling together bowing your heads
Terrified that you might be the next to scream

Whether it be at the hands of a drug lord
Or a slaver who'll put you in chains
Or some sadistic Federalie who imprisons you
To extort you and your family cause that's his game

I hate you because you're sheep
Where are the men among you who think and see
That freedom begins at home and constantly running
Means you will never be free

Don't you have any self worth left in your ragged souls
Is there not a fire that burns in your heart
Don't you ever want to take back your own destiny
Don't you ever want to start to do your part

8:26 am
transcribed this time
9:03 am


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