Thursday, April 21, 2005

I hear what you're saying

I had some response to my last poem
"I hate illegals"

Liking the essence of the poem
but disliking the "hate" part
My response is:


I hear what you're saying...

But over the years I've learned
If you don't slam the door in some people's face
They mistake your kindness for weakness
And simply come in and take over the palce

I've wanted to understand and maybe
Even every now and then cut some slack
But all they do is promise they'll only be a while
And then they never go back

I'm sick of the non assimilating
I'm sick of having to pay for translations
This is my country and it's English first
As far as language goes in my nation

I'm sick of paying hospital bills
I'm sick of paying more money to the schools
Get out Get out Damn it you didn't get in here
By following any civilized rules

But what I am seriously sick and tired of
Are the sell you out politicians on both sides
They better get it through their brick heads
There is no nice soft middle here no free ride

Protect our borders Get off your butts
Get to work quit being a jerk and get it in gear
Don't talk about a bunch of nonsense
Quit looking back at the American people like

You can't hear


Secure our borders Hire more guards to patrol
Get rid of the burea rats promoted to the top
Because they know how to slip and slide
They know how to brush us off and flip flop

Put real men in charge and stop the flood
Cut the excuses and stop the tactics of stall
The American people deserve better
So let's get down to it once and for all

4:27 am
transcribed this time
10:42 am


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