Saturday, April 23, 2005

The relegion of peace is at it...........again

All you muslim apologists

Get on your knees and start sucking up
To whatever diety you think will protect you
As the whole world goes tilt toward corrupt

All you muslim apologists
Run right out and buy your prayer rugs
In case you have to fit in suddenly
With a bunch of Islamo fascist thugs

All you muslim apologists start
Wringing your hands for love and peace
Subjugate yourself to whatever humiliation
You think will ensure that hostilities cease

Make sure you get all the false promises
And guarantees that suicide bombers can give
So that you'll feel safe in your delusional world
And that you can go on happily in the way you live

Surrendering and bowing and scraping
Crawling around before the terrorist scum
Not that it makes you look too pathetically weak
Or like losers who have no pride about

Coming off extremely dumb

8:24 pm
transcribed this time
9:51 pm


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