Saturday, June 17, 2006

Here's one for the indignant

I hate the indignant

I seek no compromise
I desire no understanding
I don't care what they beg for
Or why they're screechingly demanding

For any of the stupid crap
They say they believe in
They never seem to actually begin
And they damn sure don't seem to end

With anything intelligent
Or a brave or courageous act
They're overemotional crybabies
Who are terrified of almost any fact

I hate the socialists using
The political human shields scam
The I can say anything but you
Can't criticize me because of who I am

I hate the grieving widows act
I hate Senator Pete Stark
All of them think they're immune
They can't find the light for the dark

All of them carry out treason
Each and every single day
Just like in the Illegal Alien Invasion
They'll sell you out any and every way

Matt Lauer is obviously obnoxious
And one of those whimsy flimsy males
Who if he got knocked down in the street
Would and could only

Flail and wail

8:31 pm
transcribed this time
11:51 am



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