Wednesday, June 14, 2006

David Luban

David Luban

Prefers capturing mass murdering terrorists
Rather than killing them when given the chance
Of course he works for the La Slimes so naturally
He'd be for doing this your slip is showing dance

Because war couldn't possible be about death
Or breaking things with explosives and guns
No Hell No it's all some kind of criminal show case
Where the media gets to have all kinds of fun

Taking pictures from their balcony behind barb wire
And asking questions that coincidentally undermine
The morale of the men who do the hard work
The ones with their lives on the dangerous lines

And that’s why he takes an amazing military victory
And snake like turns it into another nest of lies
Anything to not have to acknowledge our guys
Anything to turn it into an opportunity to criticize

Pimp and primp print boys like David Luban
Don’t get how asymmetrical warfare is played out
When the enemy doesn’t have military might
They go for the throat of support and creating doubt

And David Luban boy child wannabe never be a man
Is entirely complicit in their murderous and evil plan
But till he and others of his milk sop ilk suffers consequences
He will not fully completely have to ……understand

*started being written
about 9:00am
finished at
9:29 am
transcribed this time
9:37 am



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