Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oba Mama

I hate Oba-mama

And everything he stands for
I hope he absolutely fails
He is dink think incarnate
And barely technically qualifies

As Male

He enables killing
The sacred innocent unborn
He apologizes for America
And believes we deserve world scorn

He's a socialist community organizer
He loves the Castro Bro's
He thinks Whoopi is a Saint
And Sarah Palin is the Ho

The Chickens have come home to roost
Let our voices ring clear
It's ok if Iran gets nukes
But he wishes they wouldn't hang queeers

We're talking about housing here guys
He's voting present again
When the Zombie pirates kidnap
An American flag ship Captain

US citizen

Terrorists are declared criminals
Just like the Clintons did before
911 Pearl Harbored us awake
And let us know we were already at war

He just lives in denial
He thinks being smooth is enough
He hasn't the guts or fortitude
To ever be tough

As he gets ready to give Amnesty
To all the law breaking scum
He wants to Acorn-hole us all
He's a transnationalist in a tailored suit

But a bum is a bum is a bum

1:07 pm
transcribed this time
2:41 pm


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