Monday, May 16, 2005

News Weak and Al Jazeera

News Weak and Aljazeera
Have a journalist exchange program

At least as it pertains to ideas
That tear down the USA
As least as it pertains to enflaming
Enemy forces into violent sway

Someone should be charged with
Facilitating felony murder one
But on the international scene
It looks more like aiding and abetting

That's been done

News weak is locked into news speak
And that means to rip tear and shread
The fabric of the United States
Irregardless of who it hurts or

Who winds up dead

Consequences need to happen
Hammers need to come down hard
On a bunch of Ivory tower dwellers
Sitting around playing life

And death cards

Like they are above it all
Like they are a relegion of their own
Like they are a sovereign body
That is automatically exempt from

Dangers in their home

That's why they live in dream land
That's why they are dangerous to the core
That's why they are so reckless
And chase after rating like sick and

Twisted whores

Because way down deep
They are rotten to their souls
They've swallowed their own evil for so long
That to their tongues it's taken

A strangle hold

Real life happens to everyone else
While they just reap the glory
But if there's any negativity
Then theirs was just words in a story

They're two faced and decietful
That have no sense of guilt morality or shame
They've taken every moral guiding pricincipal
And sold it all out for the flame of fame

8:00 pm
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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Winn is a looooooooser

Lt. Col Mark E Winn
Is a loser

Saying that Lt. Pantano ought to be
Sanctioned for firing too many rounds
This has got to be one of the dumbest
Statements to ever come around

That just shows why he was charged
In the first place by this complete dork
He's over he's history he's done
Somebody stick in the fork

What commanding officer would keep
This twit anywhere near his name
His comment alone rightfully puts him
Into the Hall of wussdom and shame

We need more real men like
2nd Lt. pantano leading our fighting men
I say give him a promotion
I say let him back at the enemy again

With complete and utter assurance
He will not be harrassed again
I say I salute him outright
For what he fought for and did defend

10:19 pm
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