Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Finally some directions

Finally some directions to
La la land

Go on down the hall there

Crying towels are to the left
Diapers to the right
Excuse making is in room 202
As to why you don't want to fight

Protest sign making is in 303
It's not required you be able to spell
All you have to have is some shred
Of your soul that you're willing to sell

Hating America is being taught by
Academia nuts shaking their tiny fists
No real requirements here obviously
Because Ward Churchill is next on the list

Traitorous Senators comments will
Be played over and over again
Somebody's got to give Al Jazeera
Their lead headlines and be their friend

The lunch room will be closed
Because Michael Moore snuck in
And now all the food is gone
But he says he will be back again

So get ready for some more documentaries
That are as honest as the day is short
Followed up by further Downing like Street Memos
Being nothing but copied reporters notes

The Vaudeville of madness and traveling show
Will feature Deenie's weenies practicing screams
And a brief reading of poultry by Rosie
In case anybody has an ounce of life left

In their dreams

Finally the directions to La La land
Are here and about damn time
Now.... noboby but nobody
Can tell you any more

It's all in your mind

2:30 pm

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rosie writes

Rosie writes

Like decaying flesh smells
Like she wants to be your personal escort
If you want to go to Hell

Rosie writes

Like madness and defecation
Collaborated to soil a page
And she’s attempting to lock away
Common sense in a cage

Rosie writes

Like insane is a good idea
And it’s natural to hate men
And she gets to be Queen Nurse
When they’re all locked in a loony bin

Rosie writes

Like every a real woman knows
That the best personal choice
Is to become a raving lesbian
Or let one of them be your voice

Rosie writes

Like she hates guns
Except the ones she hires
Like double standards are
Standard issue for a two faced liar

Committed or should be committed
But of this there is no doubt
Rosie loves herself
As much as she hates to work out

10:21 pm
transcribed this time
10:29 pm