Saturday, April 23, 2005

The relegion of peace is at it...........again

All you muslim apologists

Get on your knees and start sucking up
To whatever diety you think will protect you
As the whole world goes tilt toward corrupt

All you muslim apologists
Run right out and buy your prayer rugs
In case you have to fit in suddenly
With a bunch of Islamo fascist thugs

All you muslim apologists start
Wringing your hands for love and peace
Subjugate yourself to whatever humiliation
You think will ensure that hostilities cease

Make sure you get all the false promises
And guarantees that suicide bombers can give
So that you'll feel safe in your delusional world
And that you can go on happily in the way you live

Surrendering and bowing and scraping
Crawling around before the terrorist scum
Not that it makes you look too pathetically weak
Or like losers who have no pride about

Coming off extremely dumb

8:24 pm
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9:51 pm

Friday, April 22, 2005

The Main Stream Media

The Main Stream Media is the lap dog
Of the left

That would lick up vomit for their masters
That would eat their own feces in open view
The Main Stream Media humps the leg
Of Ted and Nancy and Jane right in front of you

They have no embarrassement because
They have no morals or scruples to get in the way
They obviously sit around and lick themselves
While thinking of the next yip yap thing to say

They urniate in the middle of the carpet
And then turn around and wag their tails
They love to roll over sit up beg and when
Given their cue

Do come out with their howls and wails

11:06 am
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11:15 am

Thursday, April 21, 2005

We're all from somewhere else

We're all from somewhere else

So everybody just walk the Hell on in
Take all the money and food you need
And while you're here anyway you
Might as well breed breed breed

Sure we'll pay for your college
You want a drivers license while you wait
Hey go ahead and throw that lock away
And push wide open that gate

Hurray hurray we're all in la la land
Now nothing could go possibly wrong
See how tolerant we are and yes we know
Actually we're the ones who don't belong

Throw open the borders don't even have
A policy about it that's using your brain
We are all world citizens and all cultures
And everyone is equal and the same

What drugs and terrorists
Our system can never will never over load
Vincente Fox is the wisest man in the world
And those are all just his ambassadors

Comin down the road

11:26 pm
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11:29 pm

I hear what you're saying

I had some response to my last poem
"I hate illegals"

Liking the essence of the poem
but disliking the "hate" part
My response is:


I hear what you're saying...

But over the years I've learned
If you don't slam the door in some people's face
They mistake your kindness for weakness
And simply come in and take over the palce

I've wanted to understand and maybe
Even every now and then cut some slack
But all they do is promise they'll only be a while
And then they never go back

I'm sick of the non assimilating
I'm sick of having to pay for translations
This is my country and it's English first
As far as language goes in my nation

I'm sick of paying hospital bills
I'm sick of paying more money to the schools
Get out Get out Damn it you didn't get in here
By following any civilized rules

But what I am seriously sick and tired of
Are the sell you out politicians on both sides
They better get it through their brick heads
There is no nice soft middle here no free ride

Protect our borders Get off your butts
Get to work quit being a jerk and get it in gear
Don't talk about a bunch of nonsense
Quit looking back at the American people like

You can't hear


Secure our borders Hire more guards to patrol
Get rid of the burea rats promoted to the top
Because they know how to slip and slide
They know how to brush us off and flip flop

Put real men in charge and stop the flood
Cut the excuses and stop the tactics of stall
The American people deserve better
So let's get down to it once and for all

4:27 am
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10:42 am

I hate the illegals

I hate the illegals

For their lack of guts to organize and resolve
The problems in their own nation
Why is it their only solution is to flee
To run away from the situation

Why don't they stop their oppressors
Why don't they take justice into their own hands
Why is constant mere grubbing survival enough
Don't they have any more noble dreams and demands

I hate the illegals for not getting off their knees
For taking what ever pitiful hand outs they can get
Don't they have any sense of pride at some point
Don't they have some tragedy that they can't forget

That makes them want to draw the line
To go no further with Mexico's political corruption
Must it always be their lives constantly in turmoil
Must it always be their families in constant disruption

Who down there knows there is wealth aplenty
And it is being kept control of by the few
Who down there knows that even their simple jobs
Deserved to be looked upon with a more respectful view

Isn't anybody angry at their brother being killed
By some sick sadistic excuse for a cop
Aren't any workers in the fields tired of being
Worked to death to bring in the abundant crops

Life is tough and sometimes it takes hard action
If justice is going to raise her eyes up and see
Why don't you take back your own country
Your own rights and quit running up here to me

That's why I hate you
Because you're willing to suffer and die
But not to make things better but to just
Stumble on to do just enough to get by

I hate you because you let fear run your hearts
Because you don't plan together and have dreams
You just keep huddling together bowing your heads
Terrified that you might be the next to scream

Whether it be at the hands of a drug lord
Or a slaver who'll put you in chains
Or some sadistic Federalie who imprisons you
To extort you and your family cause that's his game

I hate you because you're sheep
Where are the men among you who think and see
That freedom begins at home and constantly running
Means you will never be free

Don't you have any self worth left in your ragged souls
Is there not a fire that burns in your heart
Don't you ever want to take back your own destiny
Don't you ever want to start to do your part

8:26 am
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9:03 am

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Janet Reno ~ April 19th

Janet Reno ~ April 19th

Janet Reno is a murdering filthy pig
With the blood of children on her hands
She deserves a Hell of a lot of credit
Being it happened under her command

They could have arrested David Koresh
Along a quiet part of the road or in town
But she and that almost a man Clinton
Wanted to see some hard justice go down

Not one professional bone in their bodies
Media whores down to their core
They burned them shot them and gassed them
Because it was time to open Showtimes door

Under the color of authority a mass slaughter
Was done right here in the USA
It was arrogance running rampant pushing aside
Anything rational and calm minds had to say

1:10 pm

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Armondo Garcia

Armondo Garcia

Needs a bullet in the head
Needs to be extradited from life
Needs a 172 grains of lead

Screaming through his skull
At the going ballistic rate
That brings justice back around
And a reaquaintince with fate

That isn't in the hands
Of the narrow selfish view
That thinks it's all about diplomacy
As long as it happening to you

But I bet the story would take
Completely another turn
If it had been a Senator
Than Mexico would have to learn

That you can't do that to us
We'd all be encouraged to stand
United and unflinching
Shoulder to shoulder man to man

But since it's only a deputy
A sort of regular guy
We can let this one slip
We can let this one go by

8:18 am
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5:01 pm
Armondo is the killer of
David Marsh, an American citizen
and deputy sheriff. Armondo fled after
his crime of murder to Mexico.


Hanoi Jane

Jane Fonda is nothing

But the model for the picture
That goes on a urinal cake
Is nothing but a complete fraud
An out and out traitor and a fake

She should have gone to jail
She should have done time
She’s only a legend to those
Who don’t use their mind

She’s pimping her lousy book
She’s an opportunistic whore
She’ll say whatever she has to
To take in another score

She wants to make all nicey nice
Like it’s all about live and let live
But as a Vietnam Vet I remember
And I’ll never forget

Never forgive

9:13 am
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10:22 am

Friday, April 08, 2005

Like I said before

Like I've said before false unity and the
lye like balm of promoting a fake calm is what it is..

Nothing but the serpents tongue
Whispering in the ear
Saying not to follow your heart and soul
But listen to the reasons of fear

Nothing but rhetoric about rhetoric
Nothing but talk about talk
Lip service to the sanctity of life
But doing the quality of life walk

And it is what it is
Nothing but a festering lie
Nothing but a sacrificial cult
Who love to make the already wounded


10:56 pm
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8:37 am

Sunday, April 03, 2005

On standing up

I'm with you on the
Down with the self appointed
Self annointed effete elites

So I’ll
See you somewhere between
The sunshine and the lightning bolts

I'm with you on standing up
And fighting back and not
Accepting by default defeat

Yes like you I'm not a
Real big fan
Of the self idolatry dolts

So I'll
See you somewhere between
The crossed swords and shields
Somewhere between the sweat and grins

I've vowed I might go down
But I'll never yield
I'll never betray my blood

Never sell out a friend

10:26 am
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