Friday, February 25, 2005

No............You prove to me

Prove to me you're not a liar

And you're not only lookin
To back up what you already believe
And any evidence found was obviously
Put there to decieve

Prove to me you're not a raving
Extremist for excrement dweeb
Lookin for a Ted Rall Scrawl
Or an Air head Ariana screed

To once again reinforce your
Carved in stone beliefs
Does letting wind out like this
Give you at least some measure

Of relief

No really
Prove to me you're not the whacko
That you don't grovel before Reverand Al
And that no matter what happened in
Cincinatti you think he's some kind of Pal

You be the one who has to come through
Who are you that should be convinced
Or the rest of us couldn't possibly go on
And see anything making any sense

Same ol tactics same ol nit pickin slickin
Prove you're not so flipped out left wing
That you back like Danny Glover does
That Castro facist Cuba thing

2:14 pm
transcribed this time
8:21 pm

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hey Barbara

Hey Barbara

Why don’t you call
Up the joint chief’s of staff for singing lessons
Or for help
With your designer dresses

Since they’re obviously
Wasting their time
With weapons of mass destruction
And other incidental messes

Believe it or not
People can love people too much
Especially if it’s the kind
That put’s one out of touch

With matters of security
Or having to draw a hard line
Sometimes people comin at you are comin at you
And you can’t change their mind

With fancy dancy fund raisers
And influential friends
Who are all aflame with your fame
Because there is such a thing as enforce and defend

But hey maybe you could wear
A machine gun belt made out of gold
Those tickets went for five hundred a pop
Wasn’t that the price at which they were sold

Diamonds are a girls best friend
And Funny Girl Funny
Especially since who you say
Is wielding all the money

Great wasn’t it havin a direct connect to the prez
And oh by the way
Were you who he was talking to
Instead of the CIA

This isn’t like rehearsing sweetness
And everybody gets up after the wake
And the crew all claps and cheers
Here you don’t get a second take

This is a different theatre of operations
This isn’t like tryin to get that lucky break
And the show must go on

Even though you made a mistake


No it isn’t

What’s up Pussy Cat
Forget to move along with the times
Do make an effort Babs to remember
You and most of your kind

Are just acting the parts
Of those.. that do step into the breach
And very seriously and dedicatedly
Put it on the line

11:44 pm
transcribed this time
2:32 pm

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Clinton is intelligent

Clinton is intelligent

At being decietful
Self centered and manipulative
When it comes to basic guts
He's got nothing to give

He put our nation at risk
He got good men killed
All while he was distracted
Getin some stupid sick thrill

He's clever with idiots
Who want to be fooled
He thought being a world leader
Was all about being cool

He was a pervert
Who had no response to the Cole
He couldn't have given a damn less
About any of those sailors souls

National security to him
Was a Barbara Striesand conversation
Was a last minute Rich pardon
For all he cared about this nation

Yeah he's real smart
Smart like a narcissistic hound
Who licks himself for reassurance
As long as it's not his world goin down

10:20 am
No bad intentions meant
to go toward any good ol
Southern huntin hounds

transcribed this time
10:01 am

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Charlie Rangel...Aka...Up chuck Chuck

Charlie Rangel
Up chuck Chuck

Is due for his come uppins
Is due for a change of luck


The author of the Bring Back the Draft Bill
Did it for the sole purpose to undermine and
To help create support for his buddies in
The protest movement back home

He's always throwin in the race card
While callin Southern folks red necks
Which I suppose is just his ignorant way
Of tryin to prove he's still got stones

But those were gone long ago
When he started lying about the
Statistics of the war dead in order
To back up his distorted contorted view

He’s just blabbin and grabbin
And being an obstructionist
And would obviously do anything
To avoid having to take a cue to get a clue

He ain't nuthin but a brown Jesse Jackson
Tryin to hustle himself some kind of deal
He just can't work the leverage quite as good
For what he wants to extort and steal

He's arrogant and a smart mouth
And people let him off too damned easy
I say call him out for what he is
Low down lazy and sleezy

9:28 pm
transcribed this time
9:35 pm

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tim Tim Robbins and his Bob Bob Bobbin head

There's a cold wind blowing
Hey Tim you're right

No base on balls for you
You get to say what you want
And then
We do too

You big duh head
Go listen to Dennis Leary for a while
Find out what it takes
To make some of us smile

Wake up wake up
Or don't
But guess what
Who cares if you will or won't

Find your soul
Or go dig a hole
Or haven't you noticed
Super sonic sub moronic is old

Old man old
Remember when it was cool to be cruel
Well you're on the outside now
But the consititution still rules

We just don't like your do do anymore
You idiot you baboon you loon
Surprise the world goes on without you
And lovers still look at the moon

Check you later loser
I'm going to go have some fun
Not knowing is one thing
But it's another

When you insist on

9:40 pm
transcribed this time
11:56 pm

This was one of the first ventures out
by the Hollyweird losers club trying to say
they get to speak before millions, but they're
being "repressed" if anyone offers a differing opinion
Ahhhhhhhh gee ... you mean other
people get a chance to speak back AND there
are consequences.....Indeed Timmy a cold cold
wind is blowing....around in that vacant head
of yours!!!


Monday, February 07, 2005

Ward should be in a ward

Coming soon

Because you know this guy
Has just been begging for it

11:36 am

Saturday, February 05, 2005



Eminem is a punk
Eminem is a …. pig
A pop- slop idol posin as a hunk
Tryin to pass off in a rap stars gig

But all he is
Is a scared little boy
Pretending he’s the cut-throat biz
With his

Over-blown Mr Microphone toy


Eminem trashes
His own mom
Like that’s
Stepping up to bat


It must be real
Must be the steel deal
I mean after all he is wearin
A backwards base ball cap

Besides isn’t creativity
All about your bad rad self
And mouthy mouthing off
About everybody else

Like degrading
And berating
Your girlfriend
Specifically to a crowd

Should certainly boost
Your manly standing
And make one the bomb
No wonder he’s so proud

Eminem is a punk
Eminem is a …. pig
A pop slop idol posin as a hunk
Tryin to pass off in a rap stars gig

9:16 pm
transcribed this time
1:41 pm

Richard Clark says he's sorry

Clark says he’s sorry

Yeah well….

I don’t need any self analysis
From the likes of you
Speaking out of both sides
Of your mouth with your

Two faced views

If you can read expressions
You ought to try reading mine
You with your creative memory
Just might not come across a too

Comfortable find

You had eight years
You sorry bitter tweaked out freak
Maybe you once did some good
But now what you’re spouting

Seriously reeks


Two Sixty Minute interviews
From the cBS network jerks
Another hustler with an in
Collaborating to get some

Book money perks

No conflict of interest there
No hiding of connections
You’ve got no sense of how
A fighting man would ever

Choose direction

You’re empty and hollow
Another whacked out hack
Whose only purpose seems
To cut yourself

Some slack

And make a profit off
The Al Queda inflicted sorrow
A vile lying twisted opportunist
Willing to sell out the hope it takes

To make a better tomorrow

Why don’t you get lost
What the Hell’s wrong with you
You’re not even a foot note in history
But you are what’s on the bottom

Of its shoe

9:54 am
transcribed this time
1:19 pm

Casting sunlight into a vampire's face

Casting sunlight into
A vampire's face

Throwing holy water on their
Oh so thinned skinned views
How uncompromising can you get
How mean spirited of you

And the unkindest blow of all
Actually resorting to facts
Oh man how could you ever
Stoop to resorting to that

Have you no mercy at all
And what could cause this divide
It all started with a conversation
How Saddams sons had died

He never justified his oh
Not so good of a feeling
About torturers who literally
Had peoples skin peeling

Or hunted women down
On the open streets of Bagdad
To be used as a rape toy
Somehow that wasn't bad

Enough to stop the almost
Automatic response of attack
On our present Leader who has
Stood with us and fought back

There's a seperation in this nation
That's growing every day
And it's being caused by the petty
Obstructionist getting in the way

The petulant self rightious
Who have no humor at all
Much less enough inner fortitude
To not want to crawl

Before the threat of Terrorism
That is networked now world wide
Because sometimes it does break
Down to which side died

But who wouldn't give it up
For these two brothers of evil intent
How wacked out do you have to be
To not see the camels nose

Comin up under the flap in that tent

8:20 pm
transcribed this time
1:14 pm