Monday, January 24, 2005

Reverand Al and Bad Trade Policies

Reverand Al Sharpstongue
And Bad Trade Policies

If it wasn't for bad trade policies Reverand Al
Would probably be an African Junta Pig
Still sellin out others for personal gain
And hustlin it off as a benevolence gig

While co-sponsoring rape rooms
With Taylor for 13 year old boys who can't resist
Because somebody "conveniently" cut their hands off
With Machetes as a way to insist

That compliance and co-operation are the best
Ways to get those diamonds in an off shore vault
Keeping in mind while doing that somehow someway
It would still be all the White Mans fault

11:46 am
transcribed this time
1:03 pm

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Reverand Al Sharpstongue

The Reverand Al Sharptongue

The truth sayer of Cincinatti
The exploiter and goiter of race
The loser that stalks your back
While fancy dancing in your face

Mr Clever in the word endeavor
Mr Conquer by divide
Mr out for himself pretends
To be on America's side

The Reverand Al acts like a pal
While pulling out the rug
And loves to give the speeches
That encourage all the thugs

I didn't like him then
And I don't like him now
He's here to take advantage
And he doesn't care how

But hey maybe he's
Actually more like

The truth slayer of Cincinatti
With his spewing out of ill will
That damn well contributed to
Getting some innocent citizens killed

12:03 pm

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wessie Wessie

Wessie Wessie
He's our man

Wessie Wessie
He’s our man
He’ll jump and switch
To any plan

First in his own mind
First in his class
A ring knockers dream
A jaw made of glass

He’s got a resume
A paper trail deluxe
He’s meetin and greetin
Lining up his ducks

He sittin with Madonna
For a few hours
Because who needs ammo
When you’ve got flowers

Mr Self Importance
Is standing proud
For the UN spin
And the ANSWER crowd

Wessie Wessie
He’s our man
He’ll jump and switch
To any plan

To get that money
To run his race
To be the president
Who knows Americas place

Is defering to Germany
And bowing to France
And knows between he and Hillary

Who wears the pants

5:24 pm
transcribed this time
7:04 pm

A Perfumed Prince

A perfumed prince

A General suck up
And screw up who slips by
When the bullits fly and men die
And prefers chewin the fat

May make rank but is rank
And deserves no higher honor
Then to be the wearer of the
Order of The Esteemed Ass Hat

8:14 am
Referring of course
To General-ly wrong
Weslie Clark
transcribed this time
7:02 pm

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This is what you get

This is what you get

When you care and feed the idiots
With money from the public coffer
You get who can come up with
The best grant speakism can offer

You get marxist bigoted phonies
Hiding behind the artistic name
Why bother developing talent
And just tap into the fame

Break it down anyway you want
Being outrageous is the canard
Because nobody can really prove
All you're really doing is using the race card

Pretend it's about literature
And make all the right connections
Climb to the top of a trash heap
And point in every direction

Except personal responsibility
And any respect for the constitution
It's a barely disguised political front
Worming it's way into institutions

And your tax dollars pay for it
They're laughing all the way to the bank
They bask in the hoary glory exposure
Expecting money and to be thanked

For edjcatin the ignorant masses
For standin up to the man
For corrupting another generation
To get away with what they can

10:11 am
finished over some months

transcribed this time
6:39 pm

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark
Presidential material

Or toilet paper roll holder for the likes of Dean
Or Barbra Boxer or Al Sharptons hip street mind
He's dreamin he could become President but
He'd settle for Vice President to bide his time

For the next step up and whatever it takes
The kind of guy who can't make a mistake
He's got to keep that image goin and growin
Or something inside him will crumble and break

9:47 pm
transcribed this time
12:29 am


But But

Jimmy won a pwize
Jimmy won a pwize
Doesn't that mean
He see's it with open eyes

When he gave away
The Panama canal
Cool as any fool
Who wants to be everybody's pal


Like what

You can't be chumped tryin
Too hard to be everybody's friend
He's a peanut gallery of one
He's a should of never been

And wants us to disarm first
As a way to lead other nations
Yeah he's got a real good grip
On terrorist created situations

Four hundred and forty four days
Iran held hostage our women and men
But oh don't worry about that
That was way back then

He was a failure as president
He cut our active intell personell
I'm sure that didn't send the red line
Danger level screaming right up to Hell

Sent in barely enough of an
Over mixed dilluded rescue team
To make it look like he cared
But it was just another of his

Cream puff dream schemes


The Nobel Peace Prize
Has turned itself into a joke
For the most part it's been made
Into nuthin but a political stroke

It's hollow and empty like Khadafi
Heading the UN's human rights committee
But oh isn't Jimmy a nice guy given it a try
No I say he doesn't even deserve

That much pity

10:24 am
transcribed this time
12:06 pm



Who has an ounce of respect for Moore
Deserves 10,000 enema's in a row
Just to get out the scraps of crap out
Or whatever it is they think they know


Who has a smidgen of compassion for Moore
Should be drained of all their blood
In exchange for replacement transfusions
Of some good thick gooey slimey mud


Who has anything nice to say about Moore
Should have their mouth wrapped in tape
And their wrists as well lest any further
Insanities from their pie hole escape


Who gives an inch to the blowhard Moore
Needs a good ol down home beat down
Who but a swirling toilet bowl floater
Would have any kind of a kind word for

That sick demented clown

9:13 pm
transcribed this time
8:53 pm